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Weekend Snow from the Midwest to the Northeast

9 Jan 2009, 2:13 pm
Road to Nowhere, Stilliguamish Valley  Credit:jeeters79 komonews
Road to Nowhere, Stilliguamish Valley Credit: jeeters79 komonews

Precipitation Type Forecast Animation
Precipitation Type Forecast Animation

Forecast Temperatures Animation
Forecast Temperatures Animation

Washington is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as rivers have slowly begun to subside, but the dangers have not passed yet as many of the rivers are still above flood stage. At the time of this writing our HAMweather River Center is reporting five rivers at the major flood stage, with many more above flood levels.

The snow we discussed yesterday is still on track heading across the Great Lakes states today, then curving to the northeast over the weekend spreading snow to the northeastern states before exiting east by Sunday.

Our HAMweather Advisory Center already shows winter storm warnings and watches across the breadth of the nation with this system, and many of the watches will be upgraded to warnings as the weekend commences.

Currently our Radar Center snows snows falling across the tri-state area of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio with a respectable vigor and Cleveland, Ohio clearly in its path.

Some major cities in the path of the snow are:

Snow accumulations will not be overly excessive with this event as totals will average up to around 5″ or so in many locations, but as the system moves into Pennsylvania and further east snow totals may reach up to 8″ or so. To get a better feel for the path this system will take, we have a new precipitation type forecast animation you may view here.

Warm temperatures will spread throughout Texas today bringing springlike conditions that will propagate eastward over the weekend while the great white north has some more arctic temperatures on the way with the unfortunate result of subzero conditions.

California will also experience above normal temperatures for the next few days that will extend up the coastline into Oregon. The Florida Panhandle will see temperatures into the 80s at times, while people north of the Mason-Dixon line will see cold temperatures with the snow mentioned above. To view the transitions of temperatures over the weekend, we have provided a forecast temperature animation for you.

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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