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Well Below Normal Temperatures for the South Wednesday

6 Dec 2017, 8:06 am

A cold front that has dropped all the way down to the Gulf Coast will allow well below normal temperatures to push as far south as southern Texas.  Some parts of Texas and Louisiana will experience highs over 20° below normal for this time of year.

Cold Air Setup

This particular cold front is very strong…just take a look at how far south this front has pushed.  Cold air that has been building over the High Plains is now all the way down to Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Temperature Forecast

Southern Plains

The high temperature forecast for the South has temperatures well below normal for Wednesday and Thursday.  Parts of west Texas could also see some snow accumulation through Wednesday afternoon and evening.


The cold front will push as far south as northern Florida.  Temperatures in south Florida will stay in the 80s, but north Florida will have highs in 50s and 60s by Thursday afternoon.

Departure From Average

Look at how cold high temperatures will be Wednesday afternoon compared to where we should be this time of year.


Extended Outlook

The good news is that this cold blast won’t last much longer.  Here are some of the extended forecasts for cities in the South.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford




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