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Heat Locked into to the Southwest

28 Sep 2022, 1:10 pm

Even though we are now in fall, the Southwest won’t get the memo this week. Instead, temperatures shoot right back up into the 90s in SoCal underneath a ridge of high pressure that will dominate the entire west coast through Tuesday before pushing back to the east and impacting the Plains.


An Excessive Heat WARNING (pink) and Heat ADVISORIES (orange) have been issued for parts of southern California today as we deal with unseasonable warmth. Temps will stay warm even into Thursday, just not quite as hot as earlier this week. As the ridge of high pressure migrates to the west we will start to see 90s rather than 100s. The biggest cool down will be on the coast.

Northwest/High Plains

After record setting heat in the PNW on Tuesday, highs will walk back to the 60s and 70s for the I-5 corridor and heat shifts to the east. With a low nudging into the PNW this week and high pressure migrating back to the east, we will see temperatures rise in the Central U.S. too through the weekend.

While we will see the Central and Southern Plains get up to the 80s and rogue 90s, it will be the northern Plains that see temperatures the warmest compared to average. Our hottest day along I-90 and I-94 will be today and Thursday before a surface front cools us down again.

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