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Western Wildfires, Changing Seasons and Frequent Fronts

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Thanks to Nick Smith for the picture below from the World Trade Center Memorial, where memorial services were being held today 11 years after an unthinkable attack occurred on the United States… We remember those lost and lived through the terrible 9/11 event.

Beautiful Sunrise/Sunsets

Western wildfires continue to rage. Dispersed smoke plumes in the atmosphere are drifting over the High Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley giving way to reddish orange sunrises/sunsets. I snapped the picture below on Tuesday morning from the Twin Cities.

Smoke Analysis

A National Weather Service product (1Hr Average Vertical Smoke Integration) at 7AM CDT showed smoke plumes from western wildfires drifting across the High Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley. If the sunrise and sunsets seem a little more red or orange in your area across the areas mentioned above, it’s likely due to the dispersed smoke plumes high in the atmosphere!

Current Large Wildfires

A Large Incident is considered to be: A wildfire of 100 acres or more, occuring in timber, or a wildfire of 300 acres or more occuring in grass/sage.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center there are 43 large wildfires currently ongoing across the nation with most occurring in the western third of the country.

Sheep Herder Fire

Thanks to Elliott Ramage for the picture below from Casper, WY. Elliott took this picture from Casper College yesterday, which shows massive smoke plumes and pyrocumulus clouds billowing high into the atmosphere.

Latest Incident Report From

Natrona County, Casper Mountain. Evacuations in place. Residents are being taken to Parkway Plaza Downtown Casper, Wyoming. Red Cross phone number 307-262-1303. 150 structures threatend. Currently the incident is being managed by a local Type III Incident Management Team (IC Kevin Finn, Natrona County Fire) with a Type II Incident Management Team ordered. Burning on private land.

 Estimated at 9,000 – 10,000 acres.”

Fire Threat Today

The National Weather Service continues Red Flag Warnings for a number of locations across the High/Central Plains. Gusty winds and low relative humidity are responsible for the heightened fire threat today.

High Temps Today

High temperatures ahead of the cool front will be quite warm! In fact yesterday ahead of the front, temps soared to 100°+ in parts of South Dakota. A new record high temperature was set in Rapid City, SD at 100°! Temperatures today will be into the 90s as far north as central Minnesota.

Chilly Canadian Air

Temperatures behind the front are quite chilly! In fact, there could be some spotty frost AM Wednesday across the High Plains as temps dip into the low 30s

Frost Potential?

The National Weather Service has issued a FROST ADVISORY for parts of North Dakota through AM Wednesday as temperatures dip into the low 30s.

Fall Colors

The Denali National Park Facebook Page shared the picture below. Beautiful fall colors are showing up across the park and likely not too far away from showing up across parts of the Lower 48, if not already showing up!

“Hot Town, Summer in the City”

According to NOAA – “Summer 2012 was the third hottest summer on record for the contiguous United States since recordkeeping began in 1895. According to the latest statistics from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, the average temperature for the contiguous United States between June and August was over 74° Fahrenheit, which is more than 2° F above the twentieth-century average. Only the summers of 2011 and 1936 have had higher summer temperatures for the Lower 48.

See the full article from NOAA HERE:

National Rainfall Forecast

After a brief warm up across the middle part of the country here through the early part of the week, another cool front will plow through the nation with rain/thunder chances and an additional cool down by the end of the week.

The image below shows NOAA’s HPC 5 day rainfall forecast. Some spots across the central part of the country could wind up with 1″ to 2″.

Another Cool Down

The approaching cool front will also be responsible for a decent cool down by the end of the week/weekend for the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Temperatures will again drop into the below average category for some! The image below shows the forecast highs for Friday.

Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a great rest of your week! And don’t forget to share you fall photos with us.  

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