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Where In The World Can We Go To Be Warm?

20 Nov 2008, 7:13 pm

As I was flitting about town today running various errands, I would overhear people complaining about the cold temperatures, and think quietly to myself how I agree with their assessment. During my lunch at Bob Evans, a nice couple sitting across the aisle was discussing this very issue, as a woman said to her husband “I wonder where in the world we could go that is warm today?” So I thought, why don’t I answer that question for HAMweather fans? =)

One product, or perhaps better stated ‘suite’ of products, that we have not released yet is a vast array of computer model products that I created for various customers over the years, and for my introductory students to use during classes for forecasting purposes, where I would teach my advanced students the techniques necessary for creating computer graphics, and using advanced techniques for analyzing atmospheric and climate conditions over space and time.

Since the lovely couple at Bob Evans brought up the topic of world temperatures, today I decided to share with you worldwide forecast surface temperatures, so you can decide where you might like to go =)

The animation below is the GFS forecast surface temperatures at 3 hour intervals out through next Friday (November 28) at 6z. In other words a forecast out 180 hours = 7.5 days out. When viewing the image people often say “it looks like the bright colors are moving along the image,” which indeed they are. This is the affect of daytime heating as the sun’s rays move from “right to left” across Earth’s surface, or of course from “east to west” due to Earth’s rotation. Also note that this image has not been made to look “pretty,” it is just raw data that I play with from time to time =)

HAMmodel World Surface Temperature Animation
HAMmodel World Surface Tempature Animation
HAMmodel World Surface Tempature Animation

It is fun to view various aspects of temperature changes as the day progresses. For example, examine the temperature changes along Andes Mountains of western South America, is a distinct pattern present due to its elevation?

Can you see other similar features around the world? Perhaps the Mexican plateau (a.k.a Mesa Central), the Himalayas and the Tibetan High, the Atlas Mountains of Morroco and Tunisia, the Great Rift Valley and Ethiopian Highlands of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, the Australian Alps east of the great Murray-Darling Basin, and of course North America’s famous Rocky Mountains plus many more. For those with even a basic interest in weather, viewing the animation over and over again can truly be an educational experience!

So, let’s get back to the question, where in the world can we go to be warm? Well, quite a few places! Of course local politics of an area you may wish to visit may play a role, and at least in my case, the costs of travel involved can be astronomical. For example, the Great Barrier Reef is one of our world’s most beautiful natural resources, and is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world (wiki). There are many destinations to choose from, but for this example we will use Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Note the HAMweather forecast shows highs in the 80’s for the forseeable future, with lows, oh how horrible, in the high 70s°F.

Amazingly I just conducted a quick search on Yahoo travel, and learned that flight costs vary between an astounding low value of $2,980 round-trip on Qantas Airways, to an outrageous $21,554 via Japan Airlines and United.

Rather than rambling on, I will allow you to view our animation and determine where you might like to go! I can recommend Belize (HAMweather Forecast), and of course Aruba (HAMweather Forecast), where a former graduate collegue of mine is a meteorologist. So where would you like to go! =)

More on weather tomorrow, as today I dream of a vacation I’ll never be able to take! =)



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