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Where’s the Cold in Alaska?

17 Dec 2017, 7:10 pm


An arctic scene comes to mind for most when mentioning Alaska during the winter months. This is more than often the case, but not this year. Alaska is breaking records not in snowfall, but in temperatures. Alaska’s three largest cities, as of now, are either breaking the record or are close to the record for the warmest December ever recorded.

Despite the unusual warmth The Last Frontier State has seen, a lack in snowfall hasn’t been the case. Most of the winter systems we’ve seen this month have come from the Gulf of Alaska. With these storms moving from the south to the north, it allows much warmer air to funnel into the state.

Snow remains in the forecast for a good portion of the western coastline to start the week. The only difference in this next system is that it’s coming in from the Bering Sea. Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for a good portion of the western regions of the state lasting through Monday and Tuesday morning. Despite the chance for snow, temperatures will yet again remain on the warm side, at least for Alaska standards.

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