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Where’s the Snow? Lack of Coverage May Change Soon

11 Nov 2016, 1:21 pm

Very little snow has seen in the country so far this Autumn season. According to the National Snow Analyses from the National Weather Service this morning, only 0.3% of the country has snow coverage. That is the least in more than a decade. On average, about 7% of the country is covered with snow by this time of the year. Only a few areas in the mountainous west have some snowpack, with nothing found east of the Mississippi.


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Even total snowfall accumulation for the year has been limited, again mainly to mountain areas. In the west, some areas are several feet below average.



normal depth

On average, most areas in the northern half of the country have seen their first snowfall by this time of the year, but most areas this year haven’t even see flurries.



Almost no snow is forecast through this weekend. In some areas of the West, Northern Plains and Great Lakes, that first snowfall may occur next week. A storm system is expected to organize in the Pacific Ocean this weekend and move into the nation next week. Snows are likely to develop in the mountains during the first half of the week.


By the end of the week, the storm is expected to move into the Upper Midwest. The Weather Prediction Center’s forecast charts show the intensifying storm. By next weekend, cold air behind the low will likely help lake effect snows to develop in the Great Lakes. It is far too early to tell exactly where, when, and how much snow may fall with this system. Stay tuned for future forecasts here on WeatherNation for more on this potential winter storm.



For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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