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19 Nov 2012, 2:15 pm

 Brisbane, Australia Hit Hard By Storms

This image comes from The Brisbane Times and shows a close call with a jetliner and a bolt of lightning.

Massive storms, the worst that region had seen in well over a year, rocked the state of Queensland’s southeast corner, where numerous bolts of lightning, large hail, torrential downpours, and a few waterspouts came down.  This occurred on Sunday and came with little warning.

This image comes from The Brisbane Times and shows a tree that did not survive the powerful wind gusts that were over 50 MPH.

The rain fell so fast and violently that folks had to take shelter during the storm.  About 1-2″ of rain came down in about 30 minutes!  Cars and streets were submerged with the rain run-off and inland flooding occurred.  Here is another image from The Brisbane Times showing the soggy footprint the storm left. 

It lasted from a few minutes, to what seemed like an hour at times, and many folks wondered why there was such little notice.  Warnings were only put up a few minutes before the storm’s arrival due to the storm only showing a few of the categories needed to be met to merit a warning to be issued.  Criteria such as rain, wind, hail, tornadic chance, and flooding potential are all factors.  The small, localized areas that were to be impacted were hard to forecast on such a small scale.  Many people think a warning should have been issued well in advanced, regardless of the population running the risk of being complacent due to excessive warnings from every storm that came out that only met one or so criteria.

This hail image comes from ABC.Net.

A storm packing hail the size of golf balls (in some cases, more like softballs), tornadic waterspouts, and heavy amounts of rain won’t soon be forgotten.  The storm left roughly 30, 000 homes without power after it came and about everyone except just under 3,000 had power restored by today.


We did a special update to showcase the viewer videos we got of the chaos, you can view it on our YouTube channel here:




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Via The Telegraph:

“The central business district was battered by strong winds and heavy rain and parts of the city were hit with hail and some shops were flooded… In the suburbs, cars had been washed away from where they were parked… Fallen trees brought down power lines and damaged buildings.”



Contains video from Reuters and AP

Read more here:


Via The Australian:

The Bureau of Meteorology said there were reports of hailstones 9cm in diameter falling during what it described as a “dangerous thunderstorm”, which shut down Brisbane Airport for a short period… Forecaster David Grant said hailstones 4-6cm in diameter also had been reported in the west and inner west of the CBD… It was the second consecutive day for Queensland’s southeast being battered by ferocious storms… Power company Energex said the storms had knocked out electricity to more than 100,000 homes and businesses over the weekend.
More than 18,000 homes and businesses were still without power on Sunday when almost 25,000 lightning strikes were recorded, with many hitting the electricity network… Many of the lightning strikes occurred when a storm raced through the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast council areas early in the afternoon and in a separate storm hitting the Logan, Brisbane and Moreton Bay council areas… Energex asked southeast Queenslanders to remain patient while crews worked to restore power as quickly and safely as possible… Qantas cancelled three out of four flights to Sydney on Sunday, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.

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