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Wild Weather Weekend

30 Nov 2007, 11:09 pm

Not only will a major winter storm be sweeping across the country this weekend, but another very strong storm will slam into the Pacific Northwest by the end of the weekend. Heavy snows will be likely across the northern tier of the US, especially northern sections of the Midwest and Northeast. This system will quickly intensify once it reaches the coast of New England and will threaten to bring blizzard conditions across portions of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile the storm system moving into the Pacific Northwest will bring widespread snow across all of Washington and northern Oregon as modified arctic air filters south central Canada through the Fraser Valley region. However, as the storm approaches the coast on Sunday it will bring very strong southerly winds to the region, increasing temperatures at the surface and upper levels. Precipitation that began as snow will transition to very heavy rain on Sunday and into Monday with much higher snow levels.

dec1_3_storm_640×480.jpg dec1_pacnwstorm_640×480.jpg dec3_pacnwstorm_640×480.jpg

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