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Will Above Average Temps Affect My Garden?

14 Apr 2017, 8:56 pm

As we approach the middle of April and we start to see soaring temps you may ask yourself, is it safe to start my garden?

There are many widely accepted superstitions on when the growing season should begin. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests that you should never plant anything on the first day of the new moon or plant anything on a Sunday.  It’s believed that root vegetables grow best when planted during the dark of the moon and leafy veggies do best when planted during the waning moon.  They say potatoes should be planted on a dark night in March.

Don’t worry if you missed that dark March night there’s still at least a month to start your potatoes for most of the continental US. While the Old Farmer’s Almanac is accurate sometimes, it’s not based in weather science.

According the USDA, due to warmer temperatures this spring, staple crops such as corn, potatoes, sunflowers, and beans can be planted as early as this week up until the second week of May.

The USDA uses a Zone map which factors average annual lows for certain areas and has a guide for growing in each zone.

If you are seeing nice weather in your area this Easter weekend, get out and get your garden soil so you can enjoy fresh home grown veggies all summer long.

For Weather Nation- Ashleigh Costanza

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