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Will It Be A White Christmas?

With Christmas quickly approaching, some may be wondering whether or not we’ll have a “White” Christmas. According to NOAA, a white Christmas is actually one that has at least 1″ of snow on the ground by 7am! However, recent mild weather as of late has taken a toll on the significant December snow pack that we had earlier this month.

December 9th, 2013

The early part of December looked promising for a white Christmas with significant and record setting cold across much of the nation (except Florida). On December 9th, nearly two-thirds of the nation was covered in snow. This was also the greatest snow coverage the nation had seen on that date in over 10 years!

December 19th, 2013

As of today, a good chunk of the southern extent has melted, but could return in some fashion this weekend as another wintry storm looks to be brewing.

Probability of a White Christmas

According to NOAA the (1981-2010) probability of a white Christmas is as follows below:

“While the map shows the climatological probability that a snow depth of at least one inch will be observed on December 25, the actual conditions this year may vary widely from these probabilities because the weather patterns present will determine the snow on the ground or snowfall on Christmas day. These probabilities are useful as a guide only to show where snow on the ground is more likely.”

Read more from NOAA HERE:

Weekend Storm Approaches

Here’s our next storm approaching from the southwest. Note the significant swath of precipitation in the snow and liquid from from Texas to the Great Lakes Region. Not only with plowable snow be possible from near the Texas Panhandle to the Great Lakes Region, but we could also be dealing with flooding rains and severe storms this weekend!

Christmas Day High Temps

Post storm system this weekend, temperatures will take a bit of a dip, but look to moderate quite well into the early and middle part of next week. Looking at temperature trends, we may even be able to get back to normal (for a change) by Christmas Day!

Mostly Quiet Christmas Day

The good news for travelers early next week is that weather conditions will be quieting down considerably after this weekend system passes… Here’s the forecast from 7am December 24th to 7am December 25th.

Call For Christmas Lights

Thanks to everyone who sent in their Christmas lights pictures from around the world! How about this from from Cryztal Gonzalez all the way from Misawa, Japan!

Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend ahead!

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