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Who Will Have A White Christmas?

23 Dec 2017, 8:23 pm


Christmas Forecast

We are all dreaming of a white Christmas and that wish will come true for many living in the northern states this year. There is a good probability that a decent portion of the lower forty-eight will see snow on the ground.

Looking at the current snow depth, much of the Northwest, through the High Plains, into the Great Lakes Region, and New England are already covered in at least one inch of snow.  These are the most likely spots that will continue to keep snow on the ground through Christmas Day. The light snow that fell Friday night into Saturday morning in parts of Texas and Oklahoma is likely to melt by the time Christmas comes around.

Those in places like Illinois through Ohio and Upstate New York will get in on an additional snowfall by the time we get to Christmas Day. Lake effect snow is possible throughout the Great Lakes Region as another cold system moves over the warm lakes. The Rocky Mountain west will also get in on a significant amount of snowfall.

On Christmas Day, snow showers are likely into parts of the Rocky Mountain West from Idaho down to Colorado. Lingering lake effect snow showers are likely for parts of Michigan and New York. For those in the south, anywhere from the Desert Southwest to the Southeast will see dry and warm conditions for Christmas Day.


If the snow doesn’t fall in your area on Christmas Day, the cold temperatures will make it feel like Christmas for those from Montana to Wisconsin and as far south as Nebraska. Temperatures could drop well below zero degrees for some in this region.

Whether you see snowy and cold conditions or warm and dry skies on your Christmas Day, all of us here at WeatherNation hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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