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Winter Heads To The Midwest; Fall Heads To The South

4 Oct 2012, 12:34 pm

Significant Snowfall In North Dakota And Minnesota Today

We did some research, and thanks to the National Weather Service office out of Fargo/Grand Forks we were able to put together some statistics on previous “major” early season snowfall.  This is from today (October 4th) and earlier, and there were some significant early-season snow storms in the past:

Already as of 7:45am reports this morning, Grand Forks had surpassed its previous high early season total of 2 inches, with a report coming in at 3.5 inches of heavy snow.  In fact, one viewer tweated that they “might get knocked out by these flakes, they are so big.” The report of 3.5 inches of snow came with a side note that tree limbs were snapped due to the heavy snow.

West of Grand Forks. Look at all of the snow. Someone could lie and tell me it this was a shot from last winter and I might believe it!

More Snow On The Way

Still seeing winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for far northern & northwestern Minnesota, along with the eastern edge of North Dakota as of this morning.  It just looks strange to see these types of warnings that are *not* in the Rockies, this early in the season.

Some of the latest computer model runs are still showing very significant snowfall tallies as a possibility as we head through the next 36 hours or so, with snow creeping gradually eastward.  Canada could end up with some spots at 20 inches or higher in the more convectively active bands.

Those darker shades of blues and light pinks indicate areas that could possibly see 8-12 inches of snow!  Pretty wild – at least for this region and for this early in the season.

Chilly Air Dives South

Do you live in the South?  Maybe Dallas?  Oklahoma City?  Houston?

Well, temperatures aren’t diving to the freezing and near-freezing levels we’ve been seeing up in the Midwest, but we could be seeing some of our coolest temperatures we’ve seen since last spring making their way into the area once again.

These are the forecasted highs for *today* from our high resolution computer model for the South-Central region:

These are forecasted temperatures for 2pm today.

Notice the 70s and even 80s seen still across Oklahoma and beyond.  That is in stark contrast to this next graphic, showing the same map view – but 24 hours later.  Tomorrow afternoon’s forecasted temperatures:

2pm Temperatures For Friday Afternoon – Notice how much cooler they are than today’s highs!

Those 70s and 80s change into 50s and lower 60s for highs!  Incredible!

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