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Winter Mix Possible in the South

Earlier this week, the South Carolina Low Country, had a touch of freezing rain and drizzle.  Now, it appears round number two could be on the way.  And this time, a larger portion of the South could be affected.  Winter Weather Advisories are up for portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Several counties in Arkansas and Louisiana are also included.  The advisory is in effect for freezing rain and drizzle tonight, into Sunday morning.  The main danger is glaze and black ice on roadways.  Bridges and overpasses are particularly susceptible to a thin coat of ice.  Driving conditions could become quite hazardous in spots.

Here’s the setup…  A cold front is bringing down bitter cold air from the north.  And a low pressure system is bringing up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.  Any rain or drizzle that develops in this cold air environment, has the chance of freezing when it comes in contact with roads and bridges.

In fact, the cold air has prompted Freeze Watches and Freeze Warnings across the southeast.  Some of these alerts will be in effect all the way through Wednesday.  So when the cold air arrives, it’s going to stay for a while.

Check out the lows Sunday morning in the red circle.  It will be cold enough here to support freezing rain and drizzle.

The forecast models agree.  Look at the pink areas within the red circles.  Those are areas outlined for icing conditions Sunday morning.

It will remain cold enough throughout the day on Sunday in portions of Georgia and Alabama to support freezing rain.  Once again, focus on the area circled in red.

And once again, the models agree, that on Sunday afternoon, freezing rain is possible in south central Alabama, and northeastern Georgia.

And very early Monday morning, cold air and a little moisture could combine to produce freezing rain and drizzle along the Georgia and South Carolina coast.

The models have hinted at this possibility with the pink areas near Savannah and Hilton Head Island.

Whenever freezing rain and drizzle are possible, we also have to be concerned about sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, porches, and patios.  Slip and falls, cause injuries throughout the winter months.  So be very careful taking those last few steps of 2017, and the first few steps of 2018.  Happy New Year, and safe travels.

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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