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Winter Storm’s Switch From Snow to Ice Could Spell Problems in the Plains

25 Nov 2015, 1:25 pm

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The storm that already brought a foot of snow to parts of the Intermountain West is about to change its tune. As the storm reaches the Plains, it will be hit with an influx of relatively warmer moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. A zone of freezing rain, sleet, snow, and rain will form from Iowa into Texas late Thursday. The threat of icing continues through Saturday.

icing highways

he prolonged period of icing could produce some high accumulations, especially for Texas and Oklahoma. Main impacts will be likely on powerlines, bridges, and other elevated surfaces. Power outages are possible when temperatures are expected to dip into the teens.

The icing threat comes at a critical time when many families are travelling for Thanksgiving. Ice, especially freezing rain, is one of the most hazardous conditions to drive in. Major highways with potential icing include Interstates 20 in Texas; 40 from New Mexico to Oklahoma; 44 in Texas and Oklahoma; 35 in Oklahoma and Kansas; 70 in Kansas; 80 in Nebraska; and 35 in Iowa.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Monica Cryan
(Headline Image: Ian Mackenzie)

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