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Winter Weather Threats Continue in the Southeast

It was a wild day of winter weather throughout the southeast on Friday.  It snowed in places like Houston and Brownsville Texas.   And even northern Florida saw a dusting of snow.  The snow storm may have moved to the northeast, however, winter weather threats will continue tonight, into early Sunday morning.  But why?

Behind the storm and associated cold front, a big rush of cold air is dropping into the South.  Temperatures will fall into the 20’s overnight in northern Georgia, the Upstate of South Carolina, and most of North Carolina.  Some of these areas saw significant snowfall on Friday and Saturday.  Asheville, North Carolina for example, had 11 inches of snow.  After that much snow, not all of the roads have dried out.  And now with the cold air settling in, roads will be plagued with black ice.  Black ice is almost impossible to see, especially at night, and equally impossible to drive on.  It’s an extremely dangerous  situation, especially on secondary roads.  These roads are less traveled, and are more likely to have more residual snow and slush.  Re-freeze will happen tonight and black ice will form.  Any roads that have not completely dried out after the storm, will be at risk for black ice.  People are being urged to avoid driving tonight.

Black Ice is also possible in parking lots, sidewalks, porches, and decks.  So even if you’re just walking outside, use extra caution in these areas tonight, and first thing tomorrow morning.  Many people break bones due to slip and falls after winter weather events.  Nobody wants to be in a cast for the holidays.

Farther south in Georgia and Florida, black ice will not be an issue.  However,  temperatures will drop to the freezing mark of 32 degrees, putting citrus groves and vineyards at risk for crop damage.  Therefore, the National Weather Service has issued Freeze Warnings for southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and northern Florida through tomorrow morning.  There’s even a wind advisory for central Florida, including Orlando.  Wind Chill values will get down to 30-35 degrees.  So bundle up, stay warm, and bring in those pets and plants tonight!

Temperatures will stay chilly right through Friday in towns like Greensboro, North Carolina.

Even Jacksonville and Orlando will stay a little below normal on most days.  So the South may not be particularly warm, but look at all of the sunshine!  Put on a light jacket, go outside, and enjoy.

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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