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Winter Woes On The Way

20 Jan 2015, 7:12 pm


01_frozenpicsIt was only a few days ago that we saw what a little amount of icy precipitation can do to our roadways; turn them into ice rinks.  There were hundreds of accidents from the DelMarVa peninsula through Central New England.  Ice accumulations, from freezing rain, added up to a trace amount for most locations, while a few areas saw a tenth to three tenths of an inch.

Another system is going to approach the Northeast, but this time, it will be bringing about mainly snow into the area, and mostly from western Pennsylvania to southern Connecticut and Long Island.

02_forecstThis fast moving storm system, will not have a lot of moisture to work with, but what it will have, will be enough to add up to a few inches of snow on the ground.  We’ll focus on Pennsylvania, for that is where the bulk of the advisory is located.  Portions of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware will see lower amounts of snow, and with some sleet, mixed in.  The storm will slide into the region during the morning rush for cities such as Pittsburgh and Somerset, along the I-76.  Then, it’ll push throughout the state through the midday hours, where snow will come down along the I-80, I-79, and I-83.  Cities such as State College, Harrisburg, Erie and Williamsport will deal with the snow showers then.  Snow will start to push toward Philadelphia during the afternoon hours.  By the evening hours, Harrisburg could be looking at some moderate to heavy snowfall, while Pittsburgh sees snow turn to a wintry mix as warmer air starts to punch in from the south.   The evening rush will be impacted by snowfall for Philadelphia, Allentown, and Scranton, with portions of New Jersey and New York City, seeing the snow come into their areas by then.  The system will depart in the overnight hours, with the last snow flakes to fly around Thursday morning for NYC, and portions of northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.


When all is said and done, the higher snowfall totals will likely be found in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania, with State College and Harrisburg seeing about 3-4″.  About 1-3″ is in the forecast for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and likely 1-2″ for New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC.    Some of the Appalachian Mountains will be looking at a little more than 4″.

04_advisoryThe winter weather advisory is in effect for about all of Wednesday, and a few other counties could be added to this map before the day is done today, as the forecast is fine-tuned over time.  Stay safe out there on the roadways and stay tuned at WeatherNation for more details to come.

Meteorologist Addison Green.

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