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Winter’s Potential Last Gasp

22 Mar 2014, 3:22 pm

Spring is finally here, and many folks across the country can not wait for the warmer weather to really swing in and take over.  We all want to see the snow melt (gradually), the flowers to start to bloom and the air to become mild and allow us to be outside without a thick coat.  But unfortunately, Mother Nature does not just flip a switch from one season to another and the weather responds as it should.  We can, and have (just look at last season’s Spring), get snowstorms well into April and even early May.

As we wrap up the first full weekend of Spring, the models are showing us the potential for a coastal storm to impact portions of the Northeast with snow, gusty winds, and frigid wind chills, for the mid portion of the week ahead.  It could be a rather strong nor’easter, with winds whipping the coastal areas of New England (especially Cape Cod) and produce blowing snow.

It may look okay now in these camera, but these cities could be dealing with Old Man Winter once again in a few days.


Here we have the 12z run of the GFS, looking at towards the end of the morning on Tuesday.  An area of low pressure is running up the coast, which will come into contact with an upper-low pressure system coming down from the Great Lakes & heading towards the Mid-Atlantic snow.  Snow is already starting come into central portions of Pennsylvania, and rain is coming from the Delmarva Peninsula to the Outer Banks.


By the time the evening rush comes around, snow is pushing up into the NYC metro, and into southern New England as the coastal low is starting to strengthen and move northward.


In the overnight hours heading into Wednesday, the storm will continue to strengthen.  Gusty winds would come around Cape Cod and Long Island, with breezy conditions in upper New England and into NY State.  There could be blowing snow from Boston to NYC.


The morning commute is looking to be a little bit better in Philly & NYC than in Boston and Portland, where the snow could be whipping around as the winds might be in the range of 20-30+ mph.

Through Wednesday, the storm shall be pulling away, with the snow tapering off in New England, but the winds still being rather breezy.  Temps could feel into the teens across portions of the region, with the cold air funneling in behind the system.

The potential storm system is still several days away from impacting the Northeast, and many things could change between then and now.  The models will change over time, from each time they are run, and in between each model.  Its too soon to talk about snowfall totals, because the storm system, possibly, could take a path that has it go further away from the coast, in which snow may not be a huge issue at all.

But here are the forecasts for NYC and Boston for the middle of the work week.  The temps will be topping out in the mid to upper 30s, with winds picking up as the snow starts to fall.  Temperatures look to rebound into the 40s by Thursday, once the storm is out of the picture, but with the north/northwest wind, it’ll feel low 30s.

We’ll keep you posted about this potential snow storm as new information comes in.  Check us out online and on the air.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist Addison Green (Twitter: @agreenWNTV)


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  1. This storm is looking like a monster storm for Eastern New England. It does like mild air will return by the end of next week & hang around for a while.

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