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Wintry Hiccups, Playoff MLB Baseball, Frosty Nights and a Severe Weather Potential

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Thanks to Stowe Mountain Resort for this picture out of Vermont!

So yesterday, Frosty the Snowman returned to Vermont’s highest peak after a long, hot summer. He apologized profusely for last winter’s paltry snowfall, and regarding this upcoming winter he only had this to say: “I’m bringing the pow all winter long!””

Additional Snowmen/Snowwomen?

The latest forecasts suggests very little snowfall across the country over the next several days. Except for the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains and across the international border, additional snowmen likely won’t be popping up in the near future.

October Baseball Continues

I love this time of the year, not only for the change of season, but because football is here and playoff baseball continues! One spot where weather may be a factor tonight for tonight’s game will be in New York, NY for the Yankee vs. Oriole game. Spotty showers may still be possible into the early evening hours, but it won’t be a washout.

(Image Courtesy: Google Maps)

Passing Showers Tonight

I wouldn’t rule out bringing a light rain slicker to the game tonight… The HRRR model suggests a few passing showers moving into the New York area around 8pm-10pm. It doesn’t appear to be much, but don’t be surprised to see a few sprinkles/light rain showers.

Frosty Scenario Tonight

Behind the cool front kicking us some scattered showers in the Northeast, cold air will settle in overnight throughout parts of the Ohio Valley and the Northeast. Areas of frost/freeze will be likely in many areas by AM Thursday!

Frosty Lows Tonight

These are the forecast lows tonight…

Soggy Southwest

Take a look at the water vapor image below from the Southwest. This is the upper level low pressure system that will move inland over the Four Corners Region over the next few days and kick up showers/storms.

Rainfall Forecast

As the slow moving low pressure system slides through the Four Corners Region, rainfall amounts may add up to 1″ to 2″ (or more) in isolated spots.

Severe Weather Potential

As the storm system moves out into the Plains, strong to severe thunderstorm potential will ramp up. Friday will be the first day that strong to severe thunderstorms will make a little more widespread appearance. The areas shaded in yellow below are the areas under the biggest threat for severe weather potential on Friday.

Severe Threat Saturday?

The Storm Prediction Center also has Saturday as a day of strong to severe weather potential. The areas in red below (for now) are the areas under the biggest threat… Stay tuned for more updates!

Soggy Weekend

NOAA’s HPC rainfall forecast for the upcoming end of week/weekend suggests a fairly soggy scenario. Showers and storms (some strong to severe) will produce locally heavy rains up 1″ to 2″+ from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes Region. Also note the heavier precipitation showing up across the Pacific Northwest!

Thanks for checking in on this Wednesday, have a great rest of your week!

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