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World Series: 60-Degree Weather, Drizzle Possible

1 Nov 2017, 4:43 pm

It all comes down to one game! Tonight is the final game for the 2017 Major League Baseball season. However, will weather play a role in the game?

Leading into the game, Los Angeles has had a cooler, onshore breeze. Unlike the first game in L.A. where the hottest first pitch temperature (for the World Series) was ever recorded, tonight’s game will feature more seasonable temperatures.

Our forecast is calling for a similar temperature at first pitch, near 63 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. There is an onshore wind component in the lower levels of the atmosphere which will bring in a piece of marine layer. The NWS Los Angeles tweet alluded to this above, the possibility of drizzle. Drizzle usually occurs when there is a higher amount of low-level moisture with some drier conditions above.

Clouds should thicken as the game goes on, with at most some drizzle possible. Steady rain looks unlikely. The weather looks fine for homeruns! That’s because the wind will be blowing from the south and to the north, generally. This means the wind will be blowing *out* to center and/or right field at about 5-8 mph for the game. Temperatures will be cool, leading to the ball traveling a little less than on a hot, dry day. That’s because colder air is more dense and the ball has a little tougher time moving through it.

Prediction for the winner? Well, we’re not into that business but rather the weather predictions. But we’ll root for whoever you are rooting for!

-For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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