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Yep! Fairly Quiet.

19 Oct 2009, 12:25 pm

Hello and happy Monday everyone – I hope you are feeling well… I’ve been hearing about about lots of friends, family and co-workers falling ill with the Flu (H1N1). Take care of yourselves out there and get well. It’s not a fun thing to go through. In other news, the weather remains fairly quiet. An expansive high pressure system has scoured out the moisture at all levels of the atmosphere, which has resulted in cloud free skies from the Mississippi Valley eastward. Overnight temperatures have fallen into record territory as far south as the Gulf Coast States. Take a look at the surface map below:


The storm track is hanging out near the northern tier of the country, which is keeping things a little unsettled there. Expect a rain/snow mixture this week with some light snow accumulations in the higher elevations of the northern Rockies. Rain accumulations could be substantial in the Upper Midwest through the week with the heaviest of the rain expected on Wednesday. Here’s the 24 Hour accumulated rain from 8am Tuesday to 8am Wednesday (EDT):


Hurricane Rick

The Eastern Pacific continues to remain active – Hurricane Rick is now a category 3 with sustained winds at 115mph:

rickOn Sunday, Hurricane Rick was a category 5 hurricane with sustained winds near 180mph and gusts of near 220mph. Rick became the second strongest hurricane in the Eastern Pacific since 1966 and the strongest in 10 years. Rick may have been capable of 50ft waves! YIKES!!

We’ll keep an eye on the weather situation, in the meantime, stay healthy and don’t forget to check back each and every day for the latest and greatest weather updates. OK!

Todd Nelson

WeatherNation LLC

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