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Yosemite’s Tragic History of Flooding The Steps Its Taken to Prevent Future Disasters

2 Feb 2017, 2:24 pm

Twenty years ago, nearly two feet of warm rain fell on a deep, Sierra Nevada snowpack, resulting in the worst flood in Yosemite National Park’s history. The sudden inundation washed out roads, campgrounds, lodges and utilities, and it stranded several thousand stunned visitors and employees in the narrow Merced River valley.

“Boulders the size of houses were rolling down the swollen Merced River,” said park spokesman Scott Gediman, who was in his first year on the job in January 1997. The force of the raging water destroyed everything in its path. He recalled how odd it was to see picnic tables, bear boxes and even fax machines floating through the park. The river burst its banks on New Year’s Day. The water level in the valley peaked at 16 feet over flood stage, inundating park infrastructure...”

Capital Weather Gang has the full story.

Flooding in Yosemite National Park

Ever wonder what it's like to be at Yosemite National Park during Flooding? Take a look and hear the intensity of the rushing waters. (You may want to turn up the sound too!)

Posted by WeatherNation on Monday, January 23, 2017

Headline image: Entrance to Lower River Campgrounds on Jan. 2, 1997 – National Park Service

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