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Your Thanksgiving Forecast

The Holiday week is about to begin, and we’ve got your Thanksgiving Day forecast!

On a national perspective, there will be a cold front exiting the Northeastern U.S. where showers will be drying up, while a few could linger through the day along the southern flank of the front into the Southeast.  A weaker variety storm will affect the Rockies without the highest of water content, so just a few mountain snow showers are possible.  Most of the country should find a dry day from the Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, to the Southern Plains, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest.

Temperature wise, cooler air will be moving into the Northeast but should rather seasonal.  The Southern Half of the nation should find mild to warm Thanksgiving temperatures while a mild to cool day should arrive for the Midwest/Great Lakes.  A cool to chilly holiday is likely for the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest while the Northwestern U.S. should be cool as well.  Where snow is to fall over the Rockies, chilly to cold air will drop in to the Intermountain West.  Even those areas where the cold air will be in place, quite a bit of sun should make it feel a little nicer over a vast majority of the contry.

A look into the medium range forecast from beyond Thanksgiving Day and through the weekend should find above average temperatures from the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, to the East Coast.  The system that brings Rockies snow will drop in cooler air to the Four Corners Region.

Rain showers are likelier beginning in the Mid-South by Friday.  And as the storm gathers organization, showers will spread north and east into the Ohio Valley, Northeast, and over the entire East Coast by Saturday and Sunday.  This whole region under the green shaded colors, denote rain chances that will be above average from Friday and through the weekend.  Conversely, the Northern Plains to the West Coast should be rain free through the Holiday Weekend.

Stay with WeatherNation for any changes that will come the closer we get to our first big holiday of the season!

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Devon is a native of Macomb in Western, Illinois but has made his travels across the country from Las Vegas to Washington, D.C.  with stops in Tulsa, Little Rock, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City.  His passion for weather developed at an early age and can be traced back to when he was 5 years old and dressed up as a walking tornado for Halloween.  His college education came through the Universit... Load Morey of Oklahoma where he completed his B.S. in meteorology with a minor in math.   Devon has been through weather extremes from 110°+ heat in Las Vegas, to 3 feet of snow in Washington, D.C. where in his first winter experienced the all-time record snowfall for the season (winter of 2009/2010)!  He’s also chased tornadoes in Oklahoma and saw his very first off of I-70 on the front range of Colorado.

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