Severe Weather Tonight for Upper Midwest

We are quickly approaching the start of what is known as the “secondary severe weather season” to Meteorologists but appropriately known as “fall” to all other Americans. This transition season always yields the higher likelihood of severe weather so it is best to go ahead and get those fresh batteries in your NOAA Weather Radio and make sure you and your family are weather ready for the Fall season.

Today is already one of those days for the Eastern Dakotas, Northwest Iowa and portions of Western Minnesota and this event will be unfolding later tonight, yet another reason NOAA Weather Radios are essential as they are programmed to alert you whenever there is severe weather in your region. Any tornado event is cause for great concern but most notably those that happen at night when most are letting their guard down and tucking into bed for the night.

This evening and overnight tonight is one of those events you especially want to stay weather aware.

While damaging straight line winds and hail look to be the primary concern, the tornado potential is quite high as well. This is mainly concerning the line of storms to have some embedded areas of rotation which could produce a few isolated tornadoes. Secure those outdoor items before bed and stay weather aware. Timing for the Dakotas and Minnesota is late evening-overnight.

Tornado Watch in place until midnight.

Meteorologist Merry Matthews

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