Jackie Brown



Coppin State College, B.A. in Broadcast Production/English
Mississippi State University, Broadcast and Operational Meteorology Certificate

Originally born in Spokane, Washington,  Jackie’s Dad was in the Air Force which led her to a life of travel. She has lived in Wichita, Okinawa, Japan, Baltimore, New Jersey, Indiana and South Carolina.  After graduating from Kadena High School, in Okinawa Japan, she got a full basketball scholarship to Coppin State College. On the court she was a 4-year starter and reached over 1000 points in her basketball career. She was also named Athlete of the Year for the whole university in 2002. Off the court, she earned a degree in Broadcast Production/English.

After college, she landed a job as a radio personality. Jackie went on to have a successful career for 12 years working at KXLY broadcast center. While on the radio, she decided to change career. Jackie went back to school, graduating from the Mississippi State Meteorology Broadcast Program. From snow, to tornadoes, to hurricanes, she has had experience forecasting all these events.

Q&A with Jackie Brown

What inspired you to become a meteorologist?
I have always loved all things outdoors, planet earth and nature.
What is your most memorable weather experience?
April 26, 1991, my house got hit by a tornado while living in Wichita, KS. We lived on McConnell AFB. We didn't have a basement so we sheltered under the stairs. My mom, sister, dad, brother and I were huddled together when it hit. My dad saw the tornado before it struck. We all heard it. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. That day I learned that although we lost a lot of our valuables, human life is so much more important than materialistic things. I was grateful we all survived.
Outside of weather, what are your hobbies and interests?
I like going to the movies, I am the weirdo who goes to theaters alone, if no one will go with me. I am big into horror movies and Lifetime thrillers. I also like working out and all things outdoors.
Besides your parents, who as influenced you the most in your life?
My grandma. I definitely get my love for God and independence from her. She was such a kind woman.
What is a little known fact about you?
I am scared of heights and spiders. A lot of people also ask my height. I am 6 feet tall. So that's 3 facts about me!
What are your hopes and dreams for the profession of weather?
I like that I can be a positive influence on and off the air. I like to continue to grow and challenge myself to become my best version of me.