Kerrin Jeromin

Meteorologist, CBM

Awards & Accreditations



Lyndon State College, VT

Kerrin is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist as designated by the American Meteorological Society. Kerrin received a B.S. in Meteorology from Lyndon State College (now known as Northern Vermont University) in 2008.  Having grown up in the beautiful state of Vermont, she has experienced all seasons of weather (including mud season). Soon after graduation, she began her career as a  meteorologist at Fox44/ABC22 News in Burlington, Vermont, where she led the team as ‘chief meteorologist’ for several years. During her time in Vermont, she forecasted through Hurricane Irene, Sandy, the ice storm of December 2014, and countless nor’easters.   In 2015, Kerrin traded snow for sun, moving to south Florida to continue her career at CBS12 News, where she got first hand experience with tropical weather forecasting, including hurricane Matthew in 2016. Kerrin joined WeatherNation in January 2017.

Kerrin has an interest in all earth sciences, and cares about promoting science literacy, careers in STEM, weather/weather safety, and climate through education. She also enjoys animal wellness, acting, and being outdoors. Follow Kerrin on Twitter or Facebook to follow along on social media.

Q&A with Kerrin Jeromin

What inspired you to become a meteorologist?
I can't say it was one specific event that inspired me to become a meteorologist. I've just always been a "science person". As a kid, I loved going to science museums and learning about how our Earth works. I found meteorology particularly interesting because we still have so much to learn about how it works. It wasn't until college that I realized how fascinating meteorology really is. I chose to be a broadcaster because I enjoy reaching out to the public, educating them, and keeping them informed about weather.
What is your most memorable weather experience?
I will never forget my experience with Hurricane Irene in 2011. Irene raced up the east coast, and unleashed her wrath on my home state, Vermont. The destruction and power of that storm was truly an unforgettable experience. My hometown was one of many to be "cut off", as all roads in and out were destroyed by flood waters. Events like that truly bring communities together during such tough times. The storm also inspired me as a meteorologist to better understand and better communicate high impact events like Irene to keep people safe.
What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to stay active. I love being outside, hiking, walking, playing sports...anything goes. I truly enjoy traveling and have been to some really amazing countries and locations (most unique? ...China!). I'm often planning out my next trip or adventure (which is usually driven by seeking out good food or craft beers). I love theatre and acting, as well. I have been in many plays and films over the years. I am also perfectly content just hanging at home with a good book, a coffee, my husband, and cat, Luna.
Who influenced you the most?
I am so fortunate to have an amazing family. My parents are awesome, but I also have 3 older sisters, a brother, and a great family friend, Gerry, all of whom were influential in shaping me into the person I've become.
What is a little known fact about you?
A little known nugget about me is that I have been in several movies, many of which are horror or zombie flicks. I have been lucky to work with some great local and independent film makers over the years, and have had a blast playing various roles. Spoiler alert: I was eaten by zombies once.
What are your hopes for the profession of weather?
It's no secret, we still have a lot to learn about the weather. I look forward to the advancements in science that will be made to better understand and forecast the weather. I also hope that public science literacy and education improves, so people can not only hear the forecast, but be better informed to make decisions and act when necessary to save lives and property.