Top 5 Videos of the Week – January 19-25

Our Top 5 Videos of the Week capture Winter’s finest moments!

We start with the perfect combo:  a stunning sunset paired with snow on the ground in New Mexico!

Although it might look like a lot of snow, most spots received little to no accumulation with this event.

Instead of letting your leaf blower collect dust this winter, why not put it to good use?

That’s exactly what one man did in Highland, IN, to clear the sidewalks in his neighborhood!

And now, giving a whole different meaning to the term frozen dinner – noodles in ice?!

Temperatures were so low in Omaha, Nebraska that a popular meal transformed into this state in less than an hour!

A little lesson in science taking place in Florida as temperatures dropped into the 30s and 40s overnight.

When the air gets that cold, this cold-blooded reptile becomes immobile & falls to the ground…thankfully waking back up as the temperatures climbed during the morning!

Out last video poses one question for you — do you believe?

Department of Transportation cameras in Washington State have recorded what people are speculating as “Bigfoot” several times over the last few days, including at Snowqualmie Pass!