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Flooding Possible in the Northeast

A stationary front established on the eastern periphery of an upper-level trough will continue to generate heavy showers and a few strong thunderstorms up and down the East Coast through Thursday. Flooding will be possible along with a few strong storms. Flood Outlooks Flood watches and excessive rain outlooks have been issued for portions of…

4 Aug 2021, 5:31 am

Flooding Threatens the Mid-Atlantic

The stationary front finally has some eastward momentum. However, as waves of energy and low pressure centers develop along the boundary, the threat for heavy rain shifts from the Mid-Atlantic region to the northeast. Heavy rainfall rates will lead to flooding. Excessive Rain Outlook With high humidity, thunderstorms will produce heavy rainfall. The highlighted areas…

4 Aug 2021, 5:05 am

Heavy Rain & Flood Potential In Florida

A slow moving trough and stationary front continue to generate waves of heavy rain and thunderstorms over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, including portions of Florida. Intermittent heavy rain is expected to continue through Friday before another trough develops, with the potential to continue to generate additional heavy showers into next week. Flood  Outlooks Flood…

4 Aug 2021, 4:34 am

Excessive Heat Returns to the West

We got a good dose of monsoonal moisture across the West in the past few days, but high pressure building in from the south will work to dry out the West and bring in hotter temperatures to start this week. Record highs were set in the deserts of California on Tuesday. Southwest Heat alerts are…

4 Aug 2021, 4:00 am

Tropical Update: Very Active in the Pacific and an Area to Watch in the Atlantic

The Atlantic is starting to heat up as we head towards the peak of hurricane season in mid-September. The Eastern Pacific continues to be very active with Hurricane Hilda and one area of interest. Here is the very latest on what is happening in the tropics. Atlantic For the first time in about 3 weeks…

4 Aug 2021, 3:00 am

Monsoon Moisture Brings Flooding Threat to the Rockies and Front Range

The last few weeks have brought monsoonal moisture over most of the Four Corners region. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah have also received a good amount of rain throughout the last week. In fact, the month of July was the wettest on record for some. The upper level pattern will remain favorable for more…

3 Aug 2021, 1:30 pm

Pacific Northwest: Thunderstorms & Lightning Fire Risk

Even with the recent rain across the northwestern United States, wildfires have unfortunately continued to spark because of lightning which is the leading natural cause of wildfires. Thunderstorm Outlook The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted areas in green as having a marginal (level 1 out of 5) threat for severe thunderstorms from mid-afternoon into tonight.…

3 Aug 2021, 1:00 pm

Western Drought 2021 Spotlight: Arizona

[Drought conditions across the contiguous United States as of July 27, 2021. Around 60 percent of the West is experiencing extreme or exceptional drought.] [From NOAA Climate written by Tom Di Liberto]  The western United States is currently mired in an expansive and deep drought that stretches from the southern to the northern border. In…

3 Aug 2021, 2:00 am

August Outlook: Wet Southeast; Hot and dry for the Northern Plains

[Map of the contiguous United States showing which of three temperature outcomes—much warmer than average (red), average, or much cooler than average (blue)—are most likely for the month of August. Darker colors mean greater chances, not hotter or colder temperatures. White does not mean "average." It means a warm, cool, or near average August are…

3 Aug 2021, 1:18 am