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Sam Still a Powerful Category 4 Hurricane in the Atlantic

Hurricane Sam is continuing to hold major, Category Four strength as it spins over the open waters of the Atlantic. Sam is going through an eyewall replacement and therefore has weakened just a bit, but is still classified as a Category 4 Hurricane. This storm should weaken to a Category 3 Hurricane by Tuesday. The…

27 Sep 2021, 4:15 am

Atlantic Tropical Update - Monitoring 3 Areas of Interest

It remains active in the tropics across the Atlantic Basin as the National Hurricane Center has 3 highlighted areas of interest. This is in addition to the already-existing Major Hurricane Sam in the Atlantic, which is not expected to be near any land areas through the start of this week. 1. African Wave An area…

26 Sep 2021, 6:15 pm

Monsoonal Rain & Storms in the Southwest

Monsoon moisture led to heavy, stationary downpours Saturday with beneficial rain piling up in some spots! More rounds of rain are expected through Monday in the Desert Southwest as a push of monsoon moisture moves in from the south. Monsoon season "officially" ends at the end of September, but areas of rain and moisture can…

26 Sep 2021, 3:40 pm

Next Front to Bring Heavy Rain and Snow to the Northwest

A moisture laden frontal system is moving through the Northwest and will bring unsettled, cooler weather to the area through the middle of this week. The cooler air may touch off a few snow showers for higher terrain locations too! Not only will temperatures be dropping with this system, the coastal I-5 corridor will be…

26 Sep 2021, 3:35 pm

More Fire Troubles in California

Several huge wildfires continue to burn across the West, putting smoke into the atmosphere and then flowing into many states. Some fires have been contained better in the last week while other newer fires continue to burn with little containment. Fire Alerts There are fire alerts across portions of the western United States and even…

26 Sep 2021, 3:30 pm

Higher Humidity & More Storms for the Central U.S. this Week

Parts of the central United States are gearing up for an increase in storm chances for the middle and end of this work week as more moisture streams in from the gulf. This is partly due to the Omega Block Pattern (above), which is named for its likeness to the Greek Letter, Omega Ω. These…

26 Sep 2021, 3:25 pm

Late September Record Heat for the Central Plains

A ridge of high pressure is building across the central United States this week, bringing back hot temperatures for the Plains over the next few days. Record heat will be possible Sunday into Monday across a couple major cities in the central Plains as highs soar past 90°! Not everyone will see potential record heat…

26 Sep 2021, 3:20 pm

We're Running Out of Names This Hurricane Season

We're nearing familiar territory when it comes to naming tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, that is, using up all of the predestined names. With the news that another tropical cyclone formed in the Atlantic Ocean Friday, we're crossing off another name on this year's list: Teresa. We've now had 19 tropical cyclones this season…

26 Sep 2021, 12:00 pm

Tropically Charged Rainfall Expected in New England this Weekend

What once was Subtropical Storm Teresa is now a post-tropical system, but it is still impacting parts of New England with enhanced rain shower activity. Teresa was our 19th named storm of the season, with a lifespan of 24 hours, dissipating Saturday afternoon. Even though the storm is post-tropical, it is still enhancing moisture potential…

25 Sep 2021, 7:09 pm