After a Cold Start to November, Here Comes Another Blast Nov 16, 2018

Through the first couple weeks of November, the record cold has heavily outweighed the record heat across the United States.

A closer look at the last week provides an even bigger difference!

These charts show the number of times a climate location has reached either a daily record warm temperature or a daily record cold temperature. This is a bit of an anomaly though, because for 2018 so far the records for warm temperatures stand at 57,668 while records for cold temperatures stand at 31,394.

The trend of colder weather is likely to continue for some of us, not all, as we near Thanksgiving!

Another cold blast will swing through the High Plains and Midwest on Saturday and Sunday. This will take the temperature down -10 to -20 compared to average.

Forecast high temperatures on the left, compared to average for Sunday, November 18
Forecast high temperatures (red line) and low temperatures (blue line) for the Twin Cities between Saturday, November 17 and Thanksgiving Day, November 22

By Tuesday, the core of the cold air reaches the East coast.

Tuesday’s pattern, November 20

This will keep most of New England and the Northeast cooler-than-average through the holiday.

The temperature outlook for Thanksgiving weekend features a decent chance at colder-than-average weather in the Northeast (in blue) and a decent chance at warmer-than-average temperatures in the central U.S. (orange).

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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