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Tornadoes Tear Through Heart of Country

1 May 2019, 7:10 am

On Tuesday, April 30, more than 40 tornadoes ripped across the central U.S.

Twisters touched down from Texas to Missouri, wreaking havoc along the way. WeatherNation field crews captured incredible visuals from the ground, and the air as the tornadoes took shape. WeatherNation covered storms live keeping the public safe and informed as the day unfolded.

The most impressive visuals came out of southern Oklahoma. Our Field Correspondent, Brandon Clement, captured it all with his drone. These images continue to captivate viewers, with a view of the tornado not commonly seen.


“It’s been a shot I’ve been going for, for years,” said Clement on the video he captured. WeatherNation spoke with Clement live on air about the capture of the video.


While Brandon captured from above, Brett Adair encountered the tornado on the ground. Brett Adair is a WeatherNation field correspondent and owner of Live Storms Media.

Later in the day, storms exploded in Texas. Multiple powerful tornadoes were spotted.

The most impressive was an “elephant trunk” tornado, just outside of Wichita Falls.



Watch all the tornado footage we’ve received Tuesday, in our WeatherNation playlist on YouTube.

To purchase the video directly from Live Storms Media, click here.