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1 Year Ago: Tornado Outbreak in Pennsylvania

On October 2, 2018, the largest October tornado outbreak in Pennsylvania state history occurred.

On that day, there were 16 tornadoes reported across the Keystone State. This surpassed the number of tornadoes reported in October collectively from the previous 68 years. Previously, there were only 13 known reports of tornadoes during the month throughout the state.


In Pennsylvania, there are 5 National Weather Service offices that monitor weather conditions. Cumulatively, those 5 offices issued 32 tornado warnings on October 2, 2018.  Before 2018, Pennsylvania had only issued 5 tornado warnings by all NWS offices during the month of October.



With 32 tornado warnings issued on October 2, 2018, it makes the 3rd highest number of warnings issued in any month for the state. Only 2 months had more tornado warnings issued, which were June 1998 with 64 warnings, and May 1998 with 33 warnings issued.

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Of the 16 tornadoes that occurred that day, 4 were rated EF2, 7 were rated EF1, and 5 were rated EF0.

The most significant tornado of the day was an EF2 that went through Brookville, PA in Jefferson County. Winds maxed out at 110 mph, and was on the ground for 4 miles. The tornado caused significant damage to a cemetery, numerous buildings, and thousands of trees in forested areas.



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