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20″ of Snow in 1950: Throwback Weather

14 Jan 2016, 5:15 pm

You have to see this picture to believe this really happened in Seattle, Washington. On this day 66 years ago Alki Beach, along Washington’s coast just east of Seattle, was covered in a layer of thick ice.Capture2
But, get this. The day before on January 13th downtown Seattle, Washington received approximately 20 inches of snowfall in a 24-hour period making that day the snowiest in history. Other dates below where Seattle had record breaking snow.

But I didn’t even think Seattle got snow? Isn’t it known as the Rainy City? Well, yes it is and most of the moisture they receive falls in the form of rain but sometimes it can be snow. Is it rare? No, it is not. Unsual or not a common occurrence? Yes, just not as common. Many local climatologists say that accumulating snow in Seattle proper is more unlikely than surrounding suburbs and that is due to the differing terrain with the obvious higher elevations being prone to more snow per season.

Seattle averages just under 6 inches of snow per year according to the National Weather Service and Climatology Center. This breaks down to around 2 inches of snow per month from November to March from records observed from 1981-2010.Capture
Seattle is currently in their rainy season (Nov – March ) and there is currently no sign of snow in the forecast;however, next time you visit the city during the late fall and winter months you could get lucky and catch a sight of a few flurries if the temperatures are just right and the atmosphere is ripe.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Marry Mathews

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