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2016 So Far Snowier Than 2015

23 Nov 2016, 6:24 pm

The past week has been been active with snow storms. All of this snow has added up to where more snow has fallen so far, than this time last year. On November 23rd of last year, 17.4% of the United States was covered in snow. As of today, 18.8% of the nation is covered in snow, a 1.4% increase.


This year, most of the snow has fallen in the Rocky Mountains, the upper Midwest, and in the Northeast. Whereas last year, most of the snow had fallen in the Rocky Mountains, the Missouri Valley, and in the Great Lakes region. The most snow cover on November 23rd was in 2010, when 34.4% of the nation was covered in snow.

More snow in the coming week will be likely as an active weather pattern is certainly more evident now as several storm systems work across the nation through the end of the week. The first of which will bring a wintry mix and accumulating snow across parts of the Upper Midwest, the Great Lakes and the Northeast. The next system will bring heavier rain along the West Coast and snow to the high elevations in the Northwest.


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