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2022 Monsoon Season: Officially Ends Friday

28 Sep 2022, 3:05 pm

Here we are, at the end of September wrapping up another impressive monsoon season for areas in the Southwest. With the season officially ending on Friday, September 30th, we still have a couple more days to add to our season totals for monsoon rainfall.

Monsoon Forecast

We have rain on the horizon for the Southwest as an area of high pressure that is bringing intense heat to the Southwest. The high will start to migrate east, as an area of low pressure moves onshore for the Pacific NW. These two things will help to increase a little bit of moisture into the Southwest.

We have the potential for excessive rainfall through Friday in the Four Corners region, where we could see up to an 1″ or 2″ in those lucky spots. Once again we will be watching area burn scars for the risk of flash flooding. Friday’s risk is much less widespread compared to earlier in the week though.


We started the season with widespread extreme and exceptional drought throughout the Southwest and Big Bend of Texas. That fueled an extremely active start to the fire season in New Mexico and Texas. In fact, New Mexico 2 of its 3 largest fires in state history during the Spring and early Summer of 2022.

Thankfully, monsoon season kicked in, but only for parts of the Southwest. While drought drastically improved through New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, the central valley of California saw a much worse drought as we rounded out Monsoon season. Utah is also dealing with historic levels of drought.

Last year, Tucson saw one of its rainiest monsoons ever on record. This year, the rainfall came in below average for the city. Flagstaff however, has had two banner monsoon years, with both 2021 and 2022 seeing above average precip.

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