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A Cool President’s Day Across the United States

President’s Day is celebrated every 3rd Monday in February in honor of our first president. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. President’s Day 2019 is looking to be cooler than average for the majority of the U.S. Temperatures will be anywhere from 1 degree to 35 degrees cooler than average. The one exception to that will be across Florida with temperatures above average for mid-February.

In our nation’s capital, the day will start off with a bit of rain, but the sun will come out by the afternoon. Temperatures will climb to around 50 degrees in Washington D.C. on Monday afternoon. Conditions remain partly cloudy into Monday night with temperatures dropping into the upper 20s.

Washington was born in Virginia where a total of 8 of our president’s were born. In fact, of our nation’s 45 presidents, only 21 states are on the list of birthplaces for presidents. Temperatures in Virginia on Monday will range from 42° in Wise to 60° in Norfolk.

Next on the list is Ohio. 7 presidents were born in the Buckeye state. Highs in Ohio will sit in the 20s and 30s on President’s Day.

5 presidents have come from the state of New York. High temperatures will range from 19° in Watertown to 43° in New York City.

Massachusetts is up next with a total of 4 presidents born in the Bay State. It will be a chilly Monday with highs mainly in the low 30s.

2 presidents hail from Vermont. Also included in the forecast is New Hampshire because of the town Mt. Washington! 1 president was also born in the Granite State.

2 presidents call North Carolina home. Temperatures will range from the mid 50s to the mid 60s in the Tar Heel State on President’s Day.

Texas is also home to 2 of our nation’s presidents. Highs range from 35° in Amarillo on Monday to 63° in Brownsville.

1 president was born in each of the following states; Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Stay warm and Happy Birthday Washington!

-Meteorologist Viki Knapp