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An Area to Watch for the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center is watching an area of low pressure that form along the coast of North Carolina.

While this will be a non-tropical area of low pressure, it could develop some tropical characteristics. The low could move into a more favorable environment for acquiring tropical tendencies within the next few days as it moves eastward or northeastward away from the United States. This won’t be a huge storm but it will have impacts across the coast for the end of the week. No matter what happens, if you are across coastal North or South Carolina, expect a lot of rain into the end of the week.

Typically, when it comes to tropical development in the month of June, we look towards the Gulf of Mexico or Western Caribbean. This is where sea surface temperatures are warmer and wind shear is less.

Usually across the Atlantic basin, storm frequency starts to increase come late August into September and early October. That’s when sea surface temperatures are the warmest and the jet stream is further north causing less wind shear.

If this system were to be named, it would be Beryl and the second named storm of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season.


For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Kate Mantych

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