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Brutal Cold Snap Sinks as far South as Florida

It continues to feel like Winter…even as far south as Florida. A Wind Chill Advisory has been issued for Wednesday morning. Wind Chills could get down as low as 20° into parts of Central Florida. While this may seem balmy to folks right now in the Northern Plains, it’s very chilly by Florida standards.

Temperatures will drop to near or below freezing in several of our Gulf Coast states into Wednesday morning. Freeze Warnings are in effect from Texas to North Carolina. Think about any sensitive or tropical plants that you want to protect tonight. Either cover them with a tarp or bring them indoors. Don’t forget about your pets too, they’ll want a warm place to sleep tonight!

Here’s a look at what we’ll be waking up to tomorrow morning across the Southeast. That’s a lot of 20s on the way for the Deep South.

Another chilly spot tomorrow morning will be the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains. It will feel as cold as -15° early in the morning once you factor in the wind. Wind Chill Advisories are in effect for late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Temperatures will drop into the teens and 20s across the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday morning. Be sure to bundle up before heading out to work or sending the kids to the bus stop.

Temperatures are running cold all across the United States. Lows will drop below freezing all the way from the Pacific Northwest through Texas and over to the Northeast. We may even see several new low temperature records tomorrow morning.

Think warm thoughts folks! Spring will come…someday.

Meteorologist Viki Knapp