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Hawaii May Have New National Rainfall Record

26 Apr 2018, 12:21 pm

After a deluge of rainfall across the Hawaiian islands over the weekend of April 14-15, a new 24-hour rainfall record may have been set.

An incredible 49.69″ of rain was recorded in the rain gauge at Waipa, about one mile west of Hanalei, over a 24 hour period ending 12:45 pm HST on April 15.

The National Weather Service is expected to review the data to determine if, in fact, that was the true amount. If the amount is verified, it would break the old U.S. 24-hour rainfall record of 43″ in Alvin, TX set from July 25-26, 1979. This amount would also break the state of Hawaii record of 38″ set at Kilauea (Kauai) on January 24-25, 1956.


Follow the record rainfall, major flooding and a state of emergency was declared by Hawaii Governor David Ige.


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