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More Heat for the Central US

2 Jul 2018, 8:35 pm

Hot temperatures, high humidity levels, and hazy skies are expected during the middle of the week across many areas of the country.  The Northeast will continue to swelter and the Southwest will begin to bake.  The central United States is heating up as well.

Throughout the Ohio Valley, afternoon high temperatures will top out in the 90s.  In cities such as Cincinnati and Columbus, heat index values may reach 107 degrees.  An “Excessive Heat Watch” is in effect for Independence Day.

Across the Great Plains, temperatures will rise well into the 90s with heat index values topping out between 100 and 110 degrees.  A “Heat Advisory” is in place for cities like Tulsa and Kansas City for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperatures will remain hot through much of the week.

Nationwide, high temperatures are expected to be very summer-like for Tuesday and Independence Day.

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Meteorologist Joe Astolfi

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