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‘Melissa’ Grazes Northeast with Rain, Wind, Flooding

On Friday, Subtropical Storm Melissa formed off the northeast U.S. coast. The system gained some tropical characteristics, but is the same storm system causing ongoing rain, wind, and coastal flooding from the mid Atlantic to New England.


Despite gaining tropical traits, the storm system will continue to have the same impacts as have been forecast for days across the northeast. The main impacts will be locally heavy rain for parts of New England through Friday, strong winds (especially at the coast), and large surf and rough waves leading to coastal flooding and erosion. This has been ongoing since mid-week and will continue until the storm pulls away through the weekend.



Strong, gusty winds will continue to impact the northeast, especially near the coastline. As winds blow from the ocean toward to coast, waves will batter the coastline causing flooding and erosion. Winds will be sustained between 10 and 30 mph for many parts of the northeast.

The strongest winds will occur around the Massachussetts Cape, with winds sustained between 20 and 30 mph through Friday, with gusts near 50 mph. This could cause power outages and may cause trees/power lines to fall. Stay alert, and avoid travel if possible.

Gale warnings have been issued up and down the eastern seaboard as high waves, strong winds, and rough seas continue. Marine interests should use extreme caution anywhere along the coast into weekend. Extra high tides due to the storm and Sunday’s full moon will also lead to coastal flooding and beach erosion.


The storm has already caused heavy rain and large waves for the northeast over the last few days. Stay safe and stay tuned to WeatherNation for the latest updates.

Strong Storm Slams the East Coast

While the rain was confined farther north, the impacts of the October Nor'easter could be felt into the mid-Atlantic coastline! Beach erosion could continue into Friday.

Posted by WeatherNation on Thursday, October 10, 2019

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