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Mini Meteorologists in the Making!

26 Apr 2019, 7:25 am


It starts with a simple observation and just like that, the mind of a child races with questions about the weather!

These second graders in Denver, Colorado, had an opportunity this week to learn more about the science behind our forecasts.

They had the opportunity on Wednesday to participate in several activities where they were able to make their own “maps” and then “present their weather story” to the class.

“Science and math are very, very important,” said Kari Rodgers, a 2nd grade teacher at Ave Maria Catholic School in Parker, Colorado.

A reason why it’s crucial to expand their education at an early age through hands-on learning.

Through these experiences, we will be able to imprint knowledge that will continue to spark their interest for years to come.

“Once they ignite that passion and that for learning about the science then it just carries with them throughout college,” Rodgers said.

For WeatherNation, I’m Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo