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New York City Sees Largest April Snowstorm in 36 Years

2 Apr 2018, 12:57 pm

Happy April, Big Apple!

New Yorkers woke up to several inches of wet snow on Monday morning, and there was enough of the white stuff that it made it the largest April snowstorm in nearly 40 years.

New York City officially picked up 5.5″ of snow on Monday at the Central Park observation site, making it the largest one-day April snowfall since 1982, and the seventh-largest on record.

Incredibly, the temperature stayed at 33° or above through the entire duration of the snow, or above freezing (32°). That was mostly due to the intensity of the snow – it snowed faster than the snow could melt – and colder surfaces such as grass and car tops that allowed the snow to stay.

The snow is long gone – it ended by midday or so Monday – but the cold is here to stay. After a brief warm-up and showers, more colder weather returns mid-to-late week.

Looks like the groundhog was right back in early February – it’s been a long winter that just won’t quit. New York saw 11.6″ of snow back in March.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi