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Next West Coast Storm Arrives This Week

It is technically the rainy season for the west (November – March) so we expect to see system after system bringing rain and snow and we need it this time of year as the spring and summer months tend to be mostly dry.

Another Pacific storm is brewing and barreling toward the Northern California coast and expected to arrive by Tuesday and Wednesday.

The track of this storm will be farther south than previous storms so far this season. This means more rain and snow for parts of southern California and regions of the four corners where drought conditions have been exceptionally high.

This system will be one to watch carefully as it pulls onshore and across the intermountain west by late week. We are still several days out;however, some models are hinting at a southerly track that could bring a variety of weather such as snow, ice and severe storms with this disturbance for parts of the Central Plains by next weekend.

Meteorologist Merry Matthews