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One of Alaska’s Warmest Decembers on Record

14 Jan 2018, 8:28 pm

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Alaska saw one of it's warmest Decembers on record! That trend looks to be sticking with us for January.

Posted by WeatherNation on Sunday, January 14, 2018


One of Alaska’s Warmest Decembers on Record

If you live in Alaska or visited The Last Frontier State during the month of December you might have asked yourself, “where’s the cold weather?”. That’s just it, there wasn’t any! Of course there were a few nights and days where temperatures dipped into the typical Alaskan freeze, but overall, the state saw its fifth warmest December on record.

Anchorage Climate Highlights

The climate stats for December 2017 are in! Here are just a few notable statistics from Anchorage last month.Check out all of the climate highlights at this link:…Visit for your daily weather and climate information! #AKwx

Posted by US National Weather Service Alaska on Monday, January 8, 2018


December 2017 was ranked as the fifth warmest December on record with an overall state temperature of 26.5 degrees. That’s not to far behind the warmest December on record with an average temperature of 28.4 degrees set back in 1969. However, it’s significantly higher than Alaska’s average monthly temperature of 19.0 degrees.

These averages take into consideration both the daytime highs and nighttime lows. If we break it down, December 2017’s average high temperature for the state was 31.5 degrees with a low of only 21.4 degrees. That’s significantly higher than the normal daytime average high of 24.8 degrees and a low of 13.2 degrees. Overall, Alaska saw 22 days above average with only seven days below average. There were only two days with normal average temperatures. Where did all the cold air go? Those living in the Upper Midwest during the month of December might have a clue of where the cold air went….

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