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Prepare Now: Huge Wind, Devastating Cold One-Two Punch for Northeast

2 Jan 2018, 3:12 pm

You’ve probably read or heard about the big-time storm shaping up for the Northeast later this week. It’ll bring big wind and snow, but it’s perhaps some of the side effects from this storm that could be the most devastating, or even deadly.

The one-two combination of winds that could exceed 60 miles-per-hour (MPH) in coastal Maine, Cape Cod and Long Island, shortly followed by some of the coldest temperatures seen in several years could lead to a potentially dangerous situation for many, particularly in coastal New England and New Jersey. Power outages followed immediately by sub-zero temperatures could lead to a potentially deadly situation for those who aren’t prepared.

Now is the time to get ready for the possibility of losing power and dealing with sub-zero lows shortly thereafter. Things to consider: do you have family or friends with a backup generator? If so, now is the time to reach out and ask if you may be able to stay there, in the event that you lose power. If you have a generator, do you have friends or family you’d be willing to take in, in the event of a widespread cold snap? With sub-zero cold a near-lock on Saturday after the storm, having access to a heated location is critical, even life-saving.

Warming shelters may be an option in some of the impacted areas as well.

Make sure you’re ready, as this will be a type of storm that the Northeast hasn’t experienced in several years, and there are several types of impacts that’ll likely be felt.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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