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Rain Chances Continue In The Southeast

10 Jun 2019, 5:56 pm

Many areas in the southeast are feeling waterlogged after a weekend of soaking rain.  Check out some of the totals below.  Atlanta received 4.59 inches of rainfall.  Almost 4 inches of that fell Saturday, making it a daily record for June 8th.  Roanoke, Virginia saw 2.68 inches of rain on Saturday, another daily rainfall record!

More rain is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, the showers will be much less widespread than recent days.  Most of the rain will fall in a narrow corridor along the North and South Carolina coast, into south Georgia and north Florida.

On Wednesday, the rain will lift out of north Florida, and stay confined to the coastline.

The greatest concentration of rain will fall in south Georgia and north Florida.  Cumulative rainfall amounts through Wednesday evening could reach 2 to 4 inches in many spots.

Here’s how it all plays out on the forecast maps.  Through Monday night, most of the rain will fall in-between a cold front and a warm front.  Central Georgia and the eastern Carolinas will see most of the rain.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, moisture will spin up from the south, around a low pressure cell, and lift over a warm front.  Soaking rain will be the result.  Severe weather is not expected.  However, rain could be heavy at times.

On Wednesday, the low pressure cell and the warm front will lift to the north.  The rain will also lift to the north.  Most of the rain on Wednesday will fall in south Georgia and along the coastline.  More soaking rain will result.  Severe weather is not expected.

Tuesday and Wednesday look rather wet in Savannah.  However, with the system pushing off the coast, the sunshine returns Thursday through the weekend.  Folks will enjoy great weather on Tybee Island!

Heavy rain is possible in Jacksonville on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Scattered showers will pop up Thursday and beyond, but there will also be a lot of dry time.  Jacksonville Beach should still be busy this weekend.

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For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe