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Rain, Ice, and Snow Move Through The Northeast

24 Jan 2020, 6:30 pm


A strong cold front will bring heavy rain and some pockets of freezing rain to the Northeast throughout today.

Once we make our way into Sunday, the precipitation will be more in the form of snowfall.

The rain will be quite heavy and consistent for some cities in New England.

Additional rainfall is expected to reach 1 – 2 inches over the next 24 hours. Plus, it’ll come down quickly and bring a flooding concern to places in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey where there is a risk of excessive rainfall. Watch out for flooded roadways.



Winter weather advisories remain in effect for parts of the northeast through Sunday. Snow is expected. As well as ice accumulation up to 0.10″.

Flood watches are also in place for New Hampshire and Maine. 1-2 inches of rain will be expected in a short time span. This means the ground will not be able to soak up the moisture very quickly and could lead to flooding.


Snow totals have the potential of reaching up to 8 inches around the Northeast!

Dangerous road conditions will be in the forecast for the weekend. Make sure to plan head when it comes to commuting!







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