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Recapping the Historic Heat Wave in the Pacific Northwest

2 Jul 2021, 11:05 am

After a historic heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, the I-5 corridor is finally seeing some relief from this unprecedented heat. Multiple days of all-time broken records for Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington brought huge impacts to PNW-ers.

New numbers coming out of the Pacific Northwest, show the hottest ever June temperature on record. The new records are the average temperature across the whole month.

Portland, OR


After 3 consecutive days of breaking the all-time record high, Tuesday morning another record was broken: a record temperature drop! Portland dropped 52° from 116° Monday to a 64° morning low Tuesday.

Seattle, WA

All-time records were also broke in the Sea-Tac region with multiple days in the triple digits. Seattle peaked at 108° Monday.

Spokane, WA

Spokane also broke its all-time record high as the mercury soared to 109° on Tuesday. Temperatures into next week will remain hot, but not as sultry.


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