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Rosa Potentially “Rare” Event for AZ

28 Sep 2018, 8:39 am

Hurricane Rosa is forecast to bring heavy rain to the SW United States next week… but it’s not just the heavy rain chance that makes this storm such a rare event for the area. Tropical moisture frequently funnels into the desert SW, it’s the track and potential strength of this system that will also be of note.

Only 10 storms with tropical depression or tropical storm status have come within 200 miles of Phoenix, AZ since the 1950… only 7 of those have actually crossed over state lines.

Rosa, as of Friday, Sept. 28th, was a major hurricane in the Pacific. It will quickly weaken as its path takes it to the NE but it has the potential to be number 8 on the list of storms at Tropical Storm or Depression status to cross state lines, an even better chance of making the list of storms to come within 200 miles of Phoenix.

There’s still time for this forecast to shift more to the western side of the cone of uncertainty or for the forecast strength of Rosa to weaken. Either way, this storm will likely bring heavy rain to the drought-stricken Southwest.  (Latest Rosa Forecast)

For Weather Nation: Meteorologist Emily Roehler